Confidential Oral Care Company

Oral Rinse Making & Packing
Systems Expansion

Client:Confidential Oral Care Company
Project:Oral Rinse Making and Packing Systems Expansion

The project expanded a batch making system with the installation of three (3) 5000 gallon sanitary batching vessels. In addition to the vessels, the project installed a new mixproof piping matrix. This mixproof system allows the packing lines to draw from any of the vessels instantaneously, “on-the-fly” switching during long packing runs, and cleaning/sanitization of either making tanks or packing lines without interrupting operations on either side of the mixproof valves. To expand the product line (include a whitening formula), a hydrogen peroxide storage/delivery system and three flavor delivery systems was designed and installed. Packing Capacity was increased by converting a travel size line to handle 250ml-1L bottles. This required the replacement/modification of all packing unit ops on the line and the addition of a filler product supply system. This was the first project for the Oral Rinse Category and one of the first projects for the plant that was designed and reviewed in 3D.