Confidential Personal Care Company

Next Generation Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
Making & Packaging System

Client:Confidential Personal Care Company
Project:Next Generation Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Making & Packaging System

The goal of this project was to define and design systems to increase production while creating less waste and with a reduction staff. Jedson worked with the client to develop making and packing layouts, schedules, construction grade estimates, equipment sourcing strategies, equipment specifications, and engineering instruction documents. Jedson worked with the client Project Manager to create a strategy to deliver the making system in skids/modules fabricated by an overseas low cost provider to meet project cost and schedule constraints. Jedson developed a packing line that utilized an automated pucking system with robotic canister placing that eliminated staff to manually sort and place canisters. Space was allotted to install a second packing line mirrored to the original line so that the lines could share staff. The making and packing systems were designed to be flexible in types of products able to be processed and can grow/expand with the additions of a few making modules/packing equipment.